Puppy 16 weeks - 1 year old

Himalayan K9Chew Puppy


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BestMate Himalayan K9Chew (Puppy 16 weeks - 1 year) is a 100% natural dog treat based on an original ancient recipe from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Handcrafted using a traditional cheese making process, this hard cheese chew is a true dogs delight. A healthy snack with an irresistible cheese taste.


100% natural, 100% gluten, corn, soy, wheat and grain-free, Great for dental care, High in protein and calcium, Rawhide alternative, Looooooooong lasting snack, Natural milk product, No preservatives or binding agents


Milk, Milk Components, Sea Salt



Crude Protein 66%
Crude Fibre 0.5%
Crude Oils and Fats 10%
Crude Ash 4.5%

Calorie content per stick: 106

Approximate weight (may vary): 41g x 2 (82g)


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