Opie is a very energentic and intelligent boy that needs lots of playtime – exhausting at times for us hoomans! Looking for ways and treats to help him entertain himself so we can have some ‘downtime’ to work etc, I came across Himalayan Chhurpi cheese sticks that were apparently long lasting chews plus very healthy and nutritious too.

Seemed to good to be true so I ordered some and they were exactly what I was looking for. Opie adored them and took much longer than many of the treats I had previously tried so double whammy success.

From this BestMate PetCare was born with our first product line: BestMate Himalayan K9Chew, a digestible low lactose cheese stick made from an ancient recipe from Himalaya region of Nepal. Originally eaten by Sherpa’s that were climbing Mount Everest and would give some to their dogs the recipe was modified to make the perfect treat for dogs with low lactose. They are a hard cheese that has been dried for up to 3 months.

Having received very positive feedback from customers who have tried our BestMate Himalayan K9Chew with their dogs, we looked at expanding our natural dog treats offering and now also have BestMate Faves – a delicious and healthy raw treat made from 100% natural ingredients, freeze dried to seal in all the goodness to provide a premium quality dog treat for rewarding good behaviour or a favourite tasty snack for your BestMate. Made in New Zealand. Currently we have Green-Lipped Mussels and Chicken Hearts and expanding these into a new feline range called BestMate Purrlicious.

Opie loves to go on road trips and adventures with us and at times his friends come too which both help to create awesome memories and some magical times. Whilst on such an adventure it became clear that there was a new category line we could add to our BestMate range that would provide quality products for the adventurous owners and the BestMate, so we set about researching and sampling such products that we would use and recommend for people who like us enjoy the outdoors life whether it be camping, trekking, hiking, road trips or just being outside with their BestMate.

BestMate Outdoors was born off the back of this and has an ever expanding range including: a tough, robust and durable dog bowl for food or beverages in either 32oz or 64oz sizes and 4 colour options. We also have our Travel Bed/Mat which is waterproof, foldable and very comfy along with our reflective dog collar that has a 2 way lead attachment (standard and choker), bright yellow or orange so your BestMate can be seen in the bush or forest with ease with a heavy duty lockable clip.

At BestMate PetCare we endeavour to grow and develop our product lines to ensure our customers get the best products and food/treats for their cats and dogs and look forward to you joining our journey.