Real testimonials from real customers who have tried our products on their BestMate

“These are fantastic! I was skeptical at first- a chew treat that could last days or weeks! Not with my mini Dachsie I thought! But weeks on and they’re still going and they clean their teeth too. Will definitely repurchase.”


“Nox, our Rottweiler absoluetly loves the Himalayan K9 Chew. She took a week and a half to get through it.”


“A favourite – My one year old Golden Retriever loves these! They last him ages (not much does) so good value for money too”


“Awesome edible chew – Our spoodle pup loves these yak chews. They’re longer lasting than many other treats and chews, and aren’t smelly or greasy. We’re a bit bummed that these yak chews used to last for days, but our pup finished the last yak chew in a couple of hours. We don’t know how other owners have made this treat last for weeks or even months.”


“At first Lady Jackson went and buried the cheese stick in the garden! Once I dug it up she spent the rest of the evening chewing on it – a great treat and long lasting too.”


“Chhurpi – my dog loves this alternative to cheese. So, whenever we are having cheese with wine, I just give this chew to her. She plays with it and then eat it. Long lasting for her, for sure”

Krupa Desai